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Italy is mine

... and it owes me a living

Art and Nature, music and literature, animal and human rights, freedom of thought and speech, kindness, culture and education without boundaries.

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Vera da Pozzo, an Italian expat in Paris.

From the Island of the Sun to the Isle of France.

My pseudonym Vera da Pozzo is a pun alluding to what I care about most : truth and loyalty, depth and insight. In my mother tongue, the syntagma "vera da pozzo" means a puteal, but it could be a female name followed by a family name. Water is indispensable for living, and we need to keep it pure and unpolluted; it is the same for truth.
I write in English because I love this language since my childhood and also because English allows me to have a more detached view on both Italy and France. The title of my personal website and blog is a paraphrasis of the verse "England is mine and it owes me a living", from Morrissey's song "Still Ill", released in The Smiths debut album "The Smiths" on 20th February 1984. As Italy had nothing to offer to young people like me, I decided to throw my arms around Paris, as Oscar Wilde did, and I am still here. Like francophone actor Lino Ventura, I am and I will always be Italian.

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A Bunch of Agapanthuses

She hired You Because You were so Handsome She fired you Because You were too Serious A young Ballet Teacher From Novosibirsk A nice...

Some thoughts about Photography

I am not a professional photographer, but some friends and other people often tell me I could be one because they see some talent in me....

Such a lovely day to be(e) born

This is for You, on your B-Day, My dearest and most Beloved Human Being: Beautiful Mind, Body and Soul, Always Benevolent and Kind With...

... and you, shine, instead.

Among the people I admire the most, I dearly wish I could have met Pier Paolo Pasolini, but he was brutally killed when I was not yet...

Festa della Mamma - Mother's Day

Mamma, You've always been And You are still The most beautiful And bashful Woman I've ever seen: Since I was Just a Child I've ever felt...

Festa del Papà - Father's Day

My very first poem was for You: I wrote it for your name day And You were so glad and proud Of your little, witty daughter; Then they...

Saint Patrick's Day

Per grazia ricevuta. One year ago, on Saint Patrick's Day, On the threshold of the Morning, When the Night was dying And the Dawn wasn't...

Salon de l'Agri-Torture

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles is one of the places I avoid the most in Paris: when I came to Paris, I had to visit it three times with...

International Women's Day

Since 1977, the International Women's Day, promoted by the United Nations, is celebrated every year almost everywhere. In Italy, the...

Michelangelo, the Solitary Titan

As a small child, I was deeply interested in many things and one of my favourite ones was (and still is) figurative art. Being much...

World Peace is None of Your Business

This is a very old and a really odd world, where peace sounds like a celestial song we will never sing all together, because the human...

The World will be saved by Beauty

The prince says that the world will be saved by beauty! Fyodor Dostoyevsky, "The Idiot", 1868-1869. Arcangelo Corelli was born on this...

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