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You were, You are, You will always be here

You should have tried

But You were afraid

Because Life was too much

A serious game to play

For your teenage dreams being

Taken seriously by your Family

In the worst historical Time

One could be born

Maybe You could have failed

Or you could have succeeded

Nobody could tell now

And all I know is that

You didn't want to deceive

Your Parents' dreams

Still You deceived them

Anyway, otherwise

Because your greatest fear

Was to be successful

When You thought

You should just be grateful

For being successful enough

To be alive

And so am I

But something is changing

And I know You'll be proud.

To the Most Beloved and the Most Regretted

Paris, 14th June, 2024

Poem and Bic pen drawing below by me.

"Capocannoniere" is the highest goalscorer.

Pictures taken by me today, in my favourite Parisian park.

(C) Vera da Pozzo

(C) Italy is Mine and It owes Me a Living

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