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Saint Patrick's Day

Per grazia ricevuta.

One year ago, on Saint Patrick's Day,

On the threshold of the Morning,

When the Night was dying

And the Dawn wasn't born yet,

I was entering a dark cave

Where scary men glanced at me

With eyes filled with hatred

And I felt I was in danger

For there was no escape;

But You came from nowhere

And gently took my hand,

Making me feel safe and good.

The nightmare was over

And I woke up happy,

Because I knew You were with Me

And I know You'll always be.

To SPM, with all my loyal friendship and eternal gratitude.

(C) Vera da Pozzo, Paris, 17th March 2024

One year ago, I dreamt of you for the first time (at least, the first time I can remember) and it was exactly what I feel since my childhood: your voice and your songs make me feel safe and serene in this insane knockabout world.

I am so glad that you came to my rescue on Saint Patrick's Day last year for two reasons: because Patrick is your middle name and because I deeply love Ireland since ever.

Pictures above: Saint Patrick (Pádraig in gaelic) with the Holy Spirit Dove and the shamrocks. Artwork made by me this year, the day before Saint Patrick's Day.

The lovely little bear holding a shamrock is an artwork by Linzie Hunter.

(C) Vera da Pozzo

(C) Italy is Mine... and It owes Me a Living.

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