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Some thoughts about Photography

I am not a professional photographer, but some friends and other people often tell me I could be one because they see some talent in me. I am grateful for their kind words of encouragement, and maybe one day I will decide to follow their advice but, for the moment, I keep taking pictures with my smartphone and, since last year, I am been publishing some of them in my blog.

I resize my photos and then I modify the resized format by erasing some personal content - like excerpts from my diary - and by hiding my signature with my real name and replacing it with my pseudonym; I also add the date and my "signature" (V for Vera) in a very simple and "handmade" way.

I am quite content with it and I will not ask for more.

Trees, flowers, animals and landscapes (seaside, woods, mountains...) are my favourite subjects, but I like also some urban details which reveal the soul of a city.

Family and friends think that I am good at portraits too: some friends who hate to be photographied even say that, much to their surprise, they are very pleased to be portraitured by me because I manage to take good pictures of them with a personal touch.

I think it is just a question of eyes and heart.

Below, a picture I took in my favourite - and secret - Parisian park.

(C) Vera da Pozzo

(C) Italy is Mine - and it owes Me a Living

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