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... and you, shine, instead.

Among the people I admire the most, I dearly wish I could have met Pier Paolo Pasolini, but he was brutally killed when I was not yet born, and even far from being conceived.

With his gentle voice and his timid manners, Pasolini was never afraid to tell the truth and, till the end of his life, he spoke and wrote in order to wake up the people and to show them how the contemporary society was gradually losing its human fundaments and values because of the economic boom, which had changed Italy, but not always - even not at all - for good.

In this world "designed for crashing bores", Pier Paolo Pasolini was an unconventional and often misunderstood voice.

The great comedian and author Dario Fo, Literature Nobel Prize in 1997, was quite right about theatre, but his early judgement on Pasolini's persona and cinematography, compared to the work of "dirty comic strips artists", was embarrassingly ignorant and mean.

I wonder if Dario Fo had ever regretted what he said and wrote about Pasolini, especially when he mocked in a play Pasolini's misunderstood poem opposing policemen and students; but what is sure, it is that Fo posthumously acknowledged his rival's intellectual greatness and coherence.

Pasolini came on my mind on this lazy Whit Sunday, while I was decorating a black page in my diary.

Pasolini's quote and my translation:

"T'insegneranno a non splendere: e tu splendi, invece".
"They will teach you not to shine: and you, shine, instead".
(Pier Paolo Pasolini, Lettere luterane, 1975)

Detail of my little graphic divertissement.

Picture took by using the flash.

When I was reflecting on what I could do with this empty, black page, its darkness firstly evoked to me boredom, thus I decided to quote two lines from Morrissey's song This World is full of crashing bores, from the album You are the Quarry, released twenty years ago, on 17h May 2004.

Pictures taken without the flash (above) and with the flash (below) of Morrissey's quote.

When people stop being interested on what happens on this planet, stop thinking by themselves and stop dreaming and creating, then egoism, ignorance, silliness and boredom start spreading out.

You can listen here to a beautiful live version of The World is full of Crashing bores, from the concert given in Manchester in the same year, on Morrissey's 45th birthday.

(C) Vera da Pozzo - Italy is mine (and it owes me a living)

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