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Why am I here?

Why this blog?

Because I deserve it more than I need it.

Why "Italy is mine... and it owes me a living"?

Because it is the way I feel as an Italian expat and, at the same time, the name of my blog is also a tribute to Morrissey, my favourite singer and lyricist since I was a very little and quite quirky child.

In fact, I drop a hint about a verse from Morrissey's song Still Ill, from The Smiths' debut album The Smiths (Morrissey / Marr, 1984) :

"England is mine and it owes me a living".

If you want to know more about this song, you can find the lyrics here:

And you can listen to the song here:

What is this blog about?

Italy, France (and Paris in particular), expat life, music, literature, arts, philosophy, culture, education and society.

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